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Best Brisbane Boxing And Fitness is a brisbane boxing and personal training service helping you achieve all your weight loss, muscle gain and fitness goals that with our help, we know you can achieve! Get started today and save 10% when you book 6 sessions!

"Not only did I lose weight, I learnt how to box and defend myself..."

I am happy to say that 3 years later I am still a client of Dean’s and that is simply because I really enjoy my training sessions with him.

He is a superb boxing coach and personal trainer and always encourages me to improve my boxing skills and fitness.

Training with Dean is always great fun and never dull, as he varies our boxing classes with innovative and inspirational training more

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We want to help you get your start with boxing in Brisbane with minimal effort.

So to do that we want to offer you the opportunity to book 6 sessions and save 10% so you can try us out at minimal risk. That's how sure we are about getting you fit, losing weight, gaining muscle or building the confidence and skills you need to compete in your first amateur boxing fight.

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What Is Boxing Style Fitness?

Whether you call it boxing style fitness, box and hit, fitness for boxing or boxercise, each of these terms is describing more or less the same thing.

Boxing style fitness is a style of working out that is heavily influenced by boxing training methods, the major difference being you don't leave the gym with a face full of 'ouch'.

This is the type of boxing you would have experienced if you have ever been to a boxing class at a health and fitness gym, or the kind of boxing you may have seen at a public park.

It is a very popular style of boxing to get into as participants get to experience the fun yet intense experience of boxing, without the fear that can often come with sparring or anything involved with getting knocked upside the head.

Our Brisbane boxing gym practices both traditional boxing and boxing style fitness, which allows you to find a level of boxing you are comfortable with.

So if you are looking for a boxing gym that can take you from the safe confines of boxing style fitness to getting fighting fit and fighting capable, you could not find a better place then with us.

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Finally! Fun Workouts!

No more dull and boring workouts - boxing style fitness keeps your mind engaged with exercises the average gym has no clue about. Why waste your time on another boring workout?

Hit The Bags And Hit The Bells

From heavy bags to heavy ropes and barbells to kettlebells - all the equipment you need for a workout your body will thank you for.

Quick Workouts - Quality Results

30-40 minutes and you're done! Quick workouts without compromising quality results. Save time and money when you book today.

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