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Brisbane Boxing Style Fitness For Women

Boxing Fitness For Women

In the Northside of Brisbane Boxing style fitness and boxing style personal training are fast becoming a popular method amongst women for losing weight and toning up, not only because it simply works, but also because it’s a lot of fun.

However you may still feel a little hesitant about the boxing style of training, because no matter how it gets packaged it still feels like its a 'for men only' type deal.

But if it’s one thing I want you to know right now it is this - you can do it!

Boxing style fitness does not suddenly turn you into a burly boxing man, in the same way that lifting weights, no matter how heavy you lift, will suddenly turn you into 'Queen Kong'.

When you train with me, i will train you using boxing techniques that work towards getting you the lean and fit body you crave. The results you know you are having a hard time getting on your own.

So if you want to:

  • Get back to your old fit self - so you can play with your kids without tiring
  • Have the confidence to wear what you want when you're out and about
  • Feel overwhelmed with the new found attention you receive wherever you go

Then you need to take action now and book your introductory $1 session with me now while spots are still available.

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"I dont like weighing myself, but I love looking in the mirror - and the woman in the mirror has never looked better!"

Like most women I was just looking for a way to get fit (while really wanting to tone up lol) and training on my own just wasn't cutting it.

I was a little hesitant working with him at first - being a guy it goes without saying what my obvious concerns were. But after the first session I knew I would have nothing to worry about - thank God!

So as each week passed Dean would try to get me on the scales, but I would not have a bar of it, I did however get my tummy measured, just to be sure my money was going to where it mattered the most - off my tummy!

And after just 6 weeks of short, intense and highly addictive workouts, not only had I lost 6cm around my tummy but I could also do 10 full grown man pushups.

After that I was a firm believer in the power of having a personal trainer. Good thing I stuck to it, otherwise I would probably be the same old gross me I was never happy with in the first place.

I dont like weighing myself, but I love looking in the mirror - and the woman in the mirror has never looked better!

Thank you so much Dean for all you have helped me to achieve!

Jenna Allsop

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Finally! Fun Workouts!

No more dull and boring workouts - boxing style fitness keeps your mind engaged with exercises the average gym has no clue about. Why waste your time on another boring workout?

Hit The Bags And Hit The Bells

From heavy bags to heavy ropes and barbells to kettlebells - all the equipment you need for a workout your body will thank you for.

Quick Workouts - Quality Results

30-40 minutes and you're done! Quick workouts without compromising quality results. Save time and money when you book today.

Book 6 Sessions Now & Save 10%